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Dicionário Demográfico Multilíngüe (Português - edição 1969)

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To do:

  1. Look at the Talk Page of these pages to check if there are still errors reported and if a sentence or word has to be translated in order to reach 1981 standard (French), 1982 standard (English), 1985 standard (Spanish) or 1987 standard (German).
  2. Add the page to the:
    1. Category:Coherent with the 1981-standard (French) or
    2. Category:Coherent with the 1982-standard (English) or
    3. Category:Coherent with the 1985-standard (Spanish) or
    4. Category:Coherent with the 1987-standard (German) or
    5. one of its other subcategories.

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